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Pearl Padamsee Trophy

The CREATE Foundation (founded in loving memory of Pearl Padamsee) stands for Children’s Research in Education, Arts and Theatre Endowment, and was registered as a charitable trust in 2002.

CREATEs approach is holistic and aims to take learning out of the textbook and into the imagination; we want to make learning come alive!

One of the ways we do this is through the PEARL PADAMSEE TROPHY FOR EXCELLENCE IN SPEECH AND DRAMA, an inter-school elocution competition.

We are now in our seventh year and we just keep on extending our reach!

From the thirteen schools that took part in the first round of judging only ten students, from seven schools across Mumbai were selected for the Finals of the PEARL PADAMSEE TROPHY FOR EXCELLENCE IN SPEECH AND DRAMA – which took place on Saturday 10 December 2011, at the NGMA (National Gallery of Modern Art) near Regal Cinema .

 This year we asked the children to perform an original piece on the theme “Change is Possible”. And while the elocution is the most important part of the piece we also asked the children to make acting an integral part of it too as well as using props and costumes!

On 19 November 2011 the CREATE Foundation ran a very special event, the CREATE TROPHY FOR ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE. This is a talent contest for NGOs and three of the winners from this contest performed at the Finals of the PEARL PADAMSEE TROPHY FOR EXCELLENCE IN SPEECH AND DRAMA : Seva Sadan, Muktangan and The Vatsalya Foundation.

We were very fortunate to have Bakul Patel (ex-sherrif of Mumbai) as our Chief Guest and judge, Mahesh Dattani the renown playwright, and Alyque Padamsee as our special guests. Both Alyque and Mahesh spoke about the importance of theatre and the idea of theatre as family and of course about the importance that Pearl Padamsee played in that. Mahesh also spoke to each child about their pieces and what he thought about them…. It was illuminating and so constructive for our children.

Our other esteemed judges this year were Anne Grimes - the Public Affairs Officer and Director of the American Center, Mumbai and Gary Richardson, model, actor and author. They were very impressed with the high standards of performances that the children gave; the quality of writing and the use of props and costumes.

They were also very impressed with the imaginative ways the theme was portrayed. While some of our finalists looked at the theme of “Change is Possible” from a global perspective, through nature and showed ways in which we need to change to save the planet and how we have changed and are changing through technology, others looked at the theme from a more personal point-of-view. An enactment about how bullying affects our lives, how we can become victims through ragging, about how we will bring about the end of the world by not changing and some gave ideas about how we must change ourselves and make change possible!!

Our winners for this year are:

Winners – Ivana Pinto, Bombay Scottish School,, Mahim

Aryan Bhatia, St. Mary’s School ICSE

First Runner-Up – Abhinav Kara, Bombay International School

Second Runner-Up – Raj Dholakia, Campion School

Congratulations to them and to all our finalists.

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